The Traffic Light – Sample Printouts & Displays

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Sample Printed Statement

The station heading and the customer's name and address has an option to be printed in normal or bold print. An envelope with a window can be used for mailing and in this case, the bold print stands out better. The spacing between the station heading and customer's info can be varied as well as the customer's info offset to fit into the envelope window.  In the case of the 'Last Pay Amt' of $200 — this 'paid on account amount' paid the previous invoice (not shown) in full and left $88 to be applied to the next invoice. At the bottom of the invoice is an aging analysis based on the date of the statement.  Not shown on this sample statement, one or two info/announcement lines of 80 characters or less can be added just above the invoice area. This can be used to promote upcoming events and promotions, holiday greetings, or other station information. Configuration of the statement is in the main Options Menu. In the Statement Print module, there is an option to display a statement on the screen to see how it will look when printed.

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Sample Printed Invoice

The station heading and the customer's name and address have an option to be printed in normal or bold print. On this invoice, the customer's info is printed in bold for better display in the window of the mailing envelope. The number of lines below and above the customer's info can be varied as well as the customer's info offset in order to position the address in the envelope window. The invoice can print four columns of 40 spots per column on each of four pages for a maximum of 640 spots. Note that the rate for each spot is printed. A different rate can be used in the start order for drive time, afternoon, late night, etc. In the display below, some free spots are also shown. An invoice is produced for start orders with a billing code of 3. The Options menu has a page for configuring the invoice printout. The State and County name can be changed for U.S. stations. If other countries need a special location name (State/County) or another name for the 'Notary Public', this can be added upon request as an option in the Options Menu. In the Invoice Generator module, there is an option to display an invoice on the screen to see how it will look when printed.

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Sample Start Order - Screen Display

The start order display below was created in the demo mode to demonstrate the dayparts to a new user. Looking at daypart #1 we see 2 spots for every day of the week to run between the hours of 0800 and 1000 at a rate of $7.50 per unit spot. Note there are 3 other dayparts with daypart #4 calling for 4 spots on Friday and 2 spots on Saturday at a rate of $3.00. These spots were in a late-night time slot at a lower price. There can be a maximum of 20 dayparts and each daypart can have its own rate, such as the highest rate for the 'drive time' period of time.  The Freq and Week values can be used to skip weeks or delayed week starting depending on the value of 1-5. A Freq of 2 would run every other week. A Week value of 3 would start the 3 week. The default value is '1'. This is further explained in the Start Order Help file. Daypart 2 is a good example of how multiple spots in a daypart are scheduled on the log. The total time (1300-1600) is 3 hours and there are 3 spots during this time period. The log generator divides the total time by the total spots to be placed and places one spot in each 1/3 of the time. In this case, there will be one spot placed 1300-1400, another spot placed  1400-1500, and the last spot placed in the 1500-1600 time period.


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Sample Start Order Confirmation Printout for above Start Order

The start order printout below was printed by hitting the F2 key. It is a recap of the various values within the start order and also provides the total number of spots to be run, the time period and the total value of the start order. If the customer requires a confirmation, this can be printed and mailed. If you have a PDF print driver as the default printer, the confirmation can be saved to a PDF file and emailed thus saving time and postage.

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