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by Hardy Data Systems

Download the Traffic Light Junior  for Linux here  Version 1.1a (Compiled on Ubuntu Box) — March 10, 2012 (3.4MB) and email Hardy Data Systems for the free-trial UserID file. Without the proper UserID file, the program runs in the Demo mode.   This is a tar.gz file. Once installed, click on the 'Help and About' button further instructions and help. See the ReadMeFirst help file.  This is the full Program.

Download the Traffic Light Junior  for Linux here  Version 1.1a (Compiled on SUSE Box) — March 10, 2012 (3.4MB). this is the full program.

Download the Traffic Light Junior or updates for Windows on the Windows Download Web Page



Installing the Program

Programming Language Used: KBasic for Windows was used to write the Windows version of the Traffic Light Junior. Likewise, KBasic for Linux was used to write the Linux version. The programs posted above were written and compiled using both SUSE V12.1 and Ubuntu V10.10. Both versions are posted above, but they should be identical. KBasic uses some of the QT supporting files. Tests here indicate that the video display of the buttons and labels appear more vivid on the box running SUSE as compared to the same box running Ubuntu. Some of the colors do not reproduce the same on the different distros.

Files in tar.gz package: The following folders and files are included in the package:

/Demo - Folder of logs, billing logs, customers, salesmen, etc. Data for the demo
/Stn1 -
Folder for Station #1 with several config files and Product Code database
/Stn2 -
Folder for Station #2 with several config files and Product Code database
/Help -
Folder for all the help files, mostly in html format
tfcjr - Executable/runtime  program

Installing the Program: Use the Archive Manager to unarchive the tar.gz file into the TFCJr folder you previously created in your Home folder. (or some other location of your choice). Right click on the tfcjr file, choose properties, then permissions and make the file executable, if not already executable. Unfortunately, the executable/runtime file compiled by KBasic may not have all the supporting files/dependencies required to run the program on your Linux box. SUSE V12.1 and Ubuntu V10.10 were installed on a test computer. On these fresh installs, some additional work was required to install the needed supporting files. This effort is described below.

SUSE Box: Running the program at the Command Line gave the error message of a missing file:  The SUSE Version 12.1 had the file. Using the YaST Software Management routine, a search was done for the libpng12 file and this library was installed. This one addition was all that was required for the Traffic Light Junior to run on this fresh Suse install.

Ubuntu Box: Running the program at the Command Line gave the error message of a missing 'WebKit' file. Using the Ubuntu Application option, the QDevelop library was installed. This one library contained all the necessary supporting files and the program ran OK.

Another Ubuntu Box Install: To get the KBasic program to run on Ubuntu, someone suggested to install the KDE desktop, but not to use the KDE desktop. This was installed at the Command line and added all the needed supporting files. After the Traffic Light Junior was finished and compiled it also ran OK on this box.

Any comments or suggestions on installing the Traffic Light Junior are welcomed.


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