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Download the Traffic Light Junior here  Version 2.0d— October 1, 2014 (11.5 MB) and email Hardy Data Systems for the 30 day free trial UserID file. Without the proper UserID file, the program runs in the Demo mode, which already has three customers added.  This is a self-extracting EXE file that can be downloaded into a temp folder and run or you can run from the web page by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and choosing the 'Run' option instead of the 'Save' option. The default install path is C:\TFCJr. It is recommended that this path be used.   Once installed, click on the 'Help and About' button  on the Master Menu screen for further instructions and help. Read the ReadMeFirst help file.  This is the full Setup Program. If there is a later update below, then also download/install it.

Download the Traffic Light Junior update here Version 2.0f— January 25, 2015 (1.2 MB).  This is a self-extracting EXE file that can be downloaded into a temp folder and run or you can run from the web page by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and choosing the 'Run' option instead of the 'Save' option. It uses the same setup routine as the full program. Just accept the default install location. The default update path is C:\TFCJr.   If the Traffic Light Jr was installed in another location, then browse to that location, confirming the correct path in the next screen.  NOTE: You cannot install the update if an older version of the Traffic Light Junior is running. Close the Traffic Light Junior before installing the update.

Download the Traffic Light Junior or updates for Linux on the Linux Download Web Page here

NEW Optional Add-on Program: Download the Traffic Light Junior  Invoice Printer  here Version 1.0 — March 19, 2012 -  (1.2 MB). The programming language that the Traffic Light Junior is written in (KBasic) does not support direct printing from the program, but instead opens NotePad and loads the text file to print. This means that the Invoices are printed manually one-at-a-time. This is not a big deal for small stations, but for larger stations with more customers, this is not a fast process.  A stand-alone program, written in Visual Basic, was developed to provide the printing of the invoices all at one time or in an user-defined range. This new program has to be installed separately and will not be included in the Traffic Light Junior install program. It should be run from the Traffic Light Junior Master Menu. The default install location will be in the C:\TFCJr folder. Use Internet Explorer and choose 'Run' after you click on the download link, as you did in the programs above. If you don't run from the Internet, then save into a temp folder and run it there to install.

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What's New in Version 2.0f - January 25, 2015

Start Order:  When adding a new Start Order, an User had requested an option to increase the cart number last used  by one.  This was added.  The last cart number is displayed in the small info window and by entering 'n' or 'N', the cart number is increased by one.  Note: the program version number and date was not changed.

What's New in Version 2.0e - November 7, 2014

Log Generator:  In some cases, a start order to run in the future was being placed on the current daily log. One line of code with two date conditions was changed into two lines of code with one condition on each line in the IF THEN statement.  

Full Log Editor:  Added a popup message when selecting a rejected spot to add.  If you click on the heading or in a blank spot, you will see the popup asking you to try again.  Also the Start Order number is added to the popup box asking for the time to place the spot.  This is to confirm that you have selected the desired rejected spot to add.

What's New in Version 2.0d - October 1, 2014

Invoice Generator:  Added the 'CSV' button which triggers the generation of a comma delimited (CSV) file of the invoice information which can be imported into an accounting program such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.  Before this routine is run, the invoices will have to been already created.

What's New in Version 2.0c - September 1, 2014

Billing Log Totals: Increased the range of dates capacity from 40 days to 400 days.  This will allow one to display all the dates and times a spot ran during the year.

What's New in Version 2.0b - June 12, 2014

Log Generator: Wrote a trap in the Bonus Spots routine so that bonus spots will not be placed if the start order has not started or has already expired. Also display the date of the daily log just generated, in the upper right info window.

What's New in Version 2.0a - June 7, 2014

Full Log Editorr: The bonus spot Announcement Name is now shown in a green font. Since there is no product code separation when adding bonus spots, a conflicting bonus spot placed in the same spot break as another spot for the same customer has its sequence number shown in red.  This will allow for easy swapping this spot with another spot in another location.

Log Generator: When a daily log is displayed,  a routine to check for a bonus spot added to a spot break that already has a spot for that customer was added. If any are found, then at the end of the daily log display, there will be a popup message stating the number of conflicting bonus spots and will give you the option to display or print the list using NotePad.  All bonus spots added are given the Priority of 9 in the log display and have the announcement name in a green font.  If a conflicting spot is found, it is given a Priority of 10. This is used in the Full Log Editor to indicate a conflicting spot by displaying the sequence number in red.

Full Log Editor: Changed the font color of a bonus spot's announcement name to green.  Also a conflicting bonus spot will have its sequence number in a red font making it easy to spot if you want to move or swap locations with another spot.


What's New in Version 2.0 - May 18, 2014

Start Order: Added a new field om the Start Order screen:  Bonus Spots. This will provide free Bonus Spots to a paying customer for his 30 or 60 second spots.  15 second spots are not supported at this time. This spots will automatically be added by the Log Generator. To use, click in the Bonus box and enter 1 to 20 during the adding or modifying an order. The default value is zero. Then click the SAVE button.

Log Generator: Added support for the new Bonus Spots feature. The bonus spots will be added into the unused Avails after the daily log is generated.  The bonus spots will appear in a green font when displaying the log and will have a rate of $0.00.

Billing Log Totals:: Added a 'Bonus' column to the Billing Log Totals display.  This gives the number of bonus spots added for each start order.

Invoice Generator: Added a 'Bonus' column to the Invoice Recap display which gives the total number of bonus spots added for each start order. The number of bonus spots is added to the recap line on the invoices which do not contain a VAT or Discount value.


What's New in Version 1.1g - April 29, 2014

Automation File Maker: Added support for the Jazler Automation System.

Log Generator: In some cases the date of the Daily Log was not being filed with the Daily Log. This was fixed.  If the option to show unused Avails in the display of the Daily Log was checked, bogus cart numbers, lengths etc were also entered.  This did not hurt anything, but did not look good. These were removed.  The Product Code checking for duplicate codes was disabled during the first 5 minutes of the 0000 hour.  Note: There was no 1.1f update.

What's New in Version 1.1e - January 6, 2013

Automation File Maker: Modified the Audio Vault Automation System spotfile format.

What's New in Version 1.1d - December 22, 2012

Automation File Maker: Added support for the Audio Vault Automation System.

What's New in Version 1.1c - August 9, 2012

Start Order: An user requested a printout of the F4 display of all Start Orders.  This option was added to the F1 key routine. When hitting the F1 key, you now have a choice of printing the Start Order info or the F4 display information.  Somehow, one user was able to save a Start Order without a Salesman's number. This caused a program crash when clicking the F4 display key or trying to modify the Start Order.  A trap was inserted into the Modify routine, to check for a zero Salesman's number and if found, temporary set the number to 'one' with a popup message indicating this fact. This will allow the user to edit in the correct Salesman's number.  Also a trap was added to the F4 routine and the 'SAVE' button to check for a zero Salesman's number and if found, popup a warning message.

Customer Info Module: Similar traps were added to the Salesman's number input routine to check for a zero Salesman's number. Normally, the Salesman's number is automatically transferred form the Customer file into a new Start Order and is only entered in the Customer module.

What's New in Version 1.1b - May 2, 2012

A new stand-alone program (invPrinter) has been written to provide faster printing of the Invoices. See above for details and how to install.

Projection: A third print-out option was added to the Projection module. Log Printer: An user requested that the Start Order number be included on the printed log. This was added in a right-justified column after the Announcement Name. Full Log Editor: Added trap in 'Edit Cart Number/AnnName' routine to make sure the number entered is not larger than the largest record number. Also a trap in the 'Add Spot' routine to insure that the Start Order number is a valid SO Number.

What's New in Version 1.1a - March 13, 2012

The March 2, 2012 update was not finished, but was posted early as an user needed some of the new features. This update adds the other items that was scheduled for the Version 1.1 update.

Full Log Editor: Upon an User request, the 'Edit Cart#' button was modified to read 'Edit Cart/AnN' which now also provides a method of editing Program names which also works for Announcement names. Log Generator: Changed the Log Display to be sorted on the Event column instead of the time column. Being 100 events per hour, some events refer to the same time. This puts the times in proper order by sorting by the event number. The option to include all avails when generating a log was changed to include only the UNUSED AVAILS. This makes for a better display as duplicate event numbers are removed. The Unused Avails are shown in the log and Full Log Editor displays in red. Log Printer: An extra blank line was removed after a Program Name. Billing Log Editor: Now allows entering a zero rate for a new spot as in the Full Log Editor..

What's New in Version 1.1 - March 2, 2012

Customer Maintenance: Added a new routine to edit a customer's record by the record number activated by hitting the F3 Key.   Added the record number to the second choice of Customer Displays. Start Order Maintenance: Added a new routine to edit a start order by the record number activated by hitting the F12 Key. This is useful if there is a start order with a zero customer number.   Fixed a problem when selecting the customer number from a list when entering a few letters.  Added a trap to prevent entering a new order without hitting the ADD button first. Fixed the problem with only an one non-zero digit cart number which did not print correctly in the Log Printer. Cart number 4000 had an issue whereas 4001 or 4100 or 41 printed OK.  Full Log Editor: When adding a new spot or rejected spot, entering a zero had the effect of aborting the operation and did not place the spot with a zero rate. Now entering a "0" will make the rate 0.00 and just hitting OK or Cancel will abort the operation. Log Generator:  An user requested a method to print the Rejection List. Added routine to print list by double-clicking on the Rejection List Window. This opens the list in NotePad for adding a date or title and printing.

What's New in Version 1.0d - February 21, 2012

An User reported that Priority 4 and 5 spots were not being placed on the Daily Log. One line of code was missing from those two routines and was fixed.

What's New in Version 1.0c - January 21, 2012

An User requested an option to use an alternate cart number in the Start Order module. He had a customer that wanted a different cart played on Saturday and a different one played on Sunday. Two additions were added to fulfill this request: (1) In the Full Log Editor, an "Edit Cart Number" button was added.   Click this button, enter the record number and then enter the alternate cart number. The screen is refreshed with the alternate cart number. (2) In the Start Order module, provisions were added to add an alternate cart number to three dayparts. When in the edit or Modify mode, right-click on the daypart and enter the alternate cart number in the popup box. Hit Ref Daypart and then SAVE. Added a Clear Log button in the Full Log Editor.

What's New in Version 1.0b - December 14, 2011

An User requested an option to make the default Spot Length 60 seconds, since his station only used 60 second spots. This was added to the Options and Setup module.

In the Backup Module, the compressed (Zipped) backup to a Flash Drive did not work on some Flash Drives. The Zip routine uses the Shell command to exit to DOS to do the zipping and if the Flash Drive is not very fast, the routine does not finish. This routine was rewritten as to first save the  Zipped backup to a temporary hard drive location (C:\TFCJrZips) and then copied to the Flash Drive. This proves to be very reliable. Also changed the Zipped file naming convention. The original convention was YYYYMMDD.ZIP  and was changed to YYYYMMDD_x.ZIP  where x is either a 1 for Station #1, 2 for Station #2 or 3 for the Demo. This will identify the backups when stored in the same location or Flash Drive. There is more info on the Zip backups in the Backup Help file.

What's New in Version 1.0a - December 10, 2011

Corrected some spelling errors on a few of the popup message boxes and some more minor tweaking.

Added a new column in the Full Log Editor for the Customer's Name. It may be hard to know the Customer's name from looking at the Announcement Name. Changed the path to the Formats for the Log Generator.


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