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Download the Traffic Light - LPTV here  Version 2.1b— December 4, 2016 (6.3 MB). Filename - (tfctv21b.exe) Without the purchased UserID file, the program runs in the Demo mode, which already has several customers added.  This is a self-extracting EXE file that can be downloaded into a temp folder and run or you can run from the web page by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and choosing the 'Run' option instead of the 'Save' option. The default install path is C:\TFCTV. It is recommended that this path be used.   Once installed, click on the 'Help and About' button  on the Master Menu screen for further instructions and help. Read the ReadMeFirst help file.  This is the full Setup Program. If there is a later update below, then also download/install it.

Download the Traffic Light - LPTV Update here    Version 2.2a— January 15, 2019 (952 KB). Filename (tfctv_up22a.exe)  If you have already installed the full setup program Version 1.9f or earlier, then just download and install this update. Use Internet Explorer and choose the "Run" option or other web browser and save into a temp folder and run there to install the update.  NOTE: If you get an error trying to replace the existing tfctv.exe file, you can rename the existing tfctv.exe file to tfctvbak.exe. It is always a good idea before updating, to rename the existing tfctv.exe file to bak in case you want to revert to the previous version.

When installing updates, it is also recommended that the existing C:\TFCTV folder be copied to a flash drive or another hard drive for safe keeping.. Some demo files from an actual user was going to be included, but due to his work load, they are not ready at the present time. They will be added lately. The same .EXE program file was used for both the full install/setup and the update, but now the full setup program does not run the  modification of any existing files.  Depending on which version you are updating, when starting the program, you may get a popup saying that in Version 2.0c, the file format of the Start Order file was modified and you must run a short routine to convert the existing old Start Order format to the new format.  Just hit "Continue" to proceed. NOTE: Do not install the new Setup program over an existing install.  Use the Update instead.


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What’s New in Version 2.2a  – January 15, 2019 

Invoice Generator: Added option to print a single invoice in bold print. If you are using a PDF print driver to create a PDF invoice, this will make the PDF invoice bolder and easier to read.  Some PDF print drivers (creators) produces a lighter printout when printed. Also added option when printing a single invoice to include the two digit year at the end of the invoice. 

Log Generator Module: The Bonus Spots are now also placed on the Streams named in the Daypart #2. 

Reports Module: On the Setup Screen,  there were added four filename options in addition to the original filename which used the Start Order number.  Click each choice to see a sample filename.  After you decide on your choice, click that choice and hit the 'SAVE' button.


What’s New in Version 2.2 – August 12, 2017

Invoice Generator: Added option to print a single invoice in bold print. If you are using a PDF print driver to create a PDF invoice, this will make the PDF invoice bolder and easier to read. Some PDF print drivers (creators) produces a lighter printout when printed

Log Generator Module: The Bonus 30 routine on the Full Log Editor was not placing all the Bonus spots scheduled on the Daily Log. This was fixed.

Reports Module: Modified AsRun routine to also find commercials with the filename extension of 'MOV', 'MP4' or 'MPx' where 'x' is any other character. In the Setup Screen when the 'SAVE' button is clicked to save the Setup Options, a popup message was added if the path to the Master Play 'PlayOut' files or the AsRun saving location did not end with the backslash. Also added popup message to indicate that the Log Name did not have the underline character as the last character. Updated both help files.

What’s New in Version 2.1c – March 12, 2017

Reports Module: Modified AsRun routines to now search for cart numbers used in the Mini-PlayList made for using the cart number as the folder name for the commercials stored on the Master Play computer. Added a method to manually delete old AsRun and PlayOut files.

Billing Log Totals: Added more popup Date boxes when the option is made to use the manual popup for entering the date. Some computers running Windows 10 were having a problem moving the month back when using the PageUp button. Popup boxes were also added to the Transaction module and several other modules. Others can be added upon request.

Log Generator Module: The earlier versions of the PL button routine to automatically create the Mini-PlayList did not use the 5 digit cart number as was needed when using the Start Order cart number for the folder name. Now a leading zero is padded to a four digit cart number when the Mini-PlayList is created.

What’s New in Version 2.1b  – December 4, 2016

Billing Log Totals: Changed the maximum number of days that the 'Spots Ran When' routine can do from 40 to 400. Had a request to allow it to list every time a spot ran during the year. The Spot Ran When routine gets it info from the Billing Logs, so that means the Billing Logs must exist for the desired date range.

Log Generator Module: The earlier versions did not place Bonus and Fill spots in the first four Avails. Now Bonus/Fill spot placement starts with the first Avail (if empty). Sometimes a runtime error #381 happened after adding a Bonus spot — this was fixed. Removed the popup asking to delete the existing billing log. Now an existing billing log is automatically deleted when a new daily log is created for the desired date. Added a new check box to choose to use the first letter of a custom format to indicate the Stream letter for that format. Example: Choosing the custom format named  B_Food.FMT  would tell the log generator to create a log for Stream B.  This will skip the step to manually enter the Stream letter.  The use of this option is optional. Each time this check box is checked, the result is saved in the Setup.CFG file.  After the log is generated, a new popup asked if you want to display the just-created log or use the manual method of selecting a log from the drop-down box to display. Clicking 'Yes' saves a step and displays the log in the Full Log Editor. If there were any rejected spots, then they will be displayed below the daily log.  Made a small change in the method that the cart only Mini-PlayList are made. Full Log Editor: In the Move Spot routine using the Move Spot button, the popup did ask for the event number but this has been changed now to enter the record number and the event number. Both method works, but the record number version has the advantage that the exact same event/time is used. Due to converting 100 events to 60 minutes, there is a round-off issue at certain times of the hour. The Product Code duping routine was modified to provide Product Code separation in the first few minutes of the day. In some cases when adding Fill and Bonus spots, the Product Code duping routine did not work in some cases. This was fixed.

Start Order Module: Added a new Stream letter for a priority 6 Start Order.  Added 'Z' to be used if you want a single Priority 6 Fill spot to be used on all Streams.  If you previously wanted 12 streams for one Start Order, a second order would have to be created since the Stream box only accepts 6 Stream letters.

Reports Module: Added a new button to the Master Menu for the Reports Module. The main purpose of this addition is to process the Master Play Play-Out files and prepare As-Run list for each Start Order. Other reports will be added in the future.

Format Module: Added option to copy one hour to all hours to a certain hour.  EX:  copy 0100 to 2300 copies the 0100 hour to the rest of the hours.

Help File: Updated the 'Working With the Demo'  PDF file to go with the new Demo files.  The file was created using PageMaker, but when converted into a PDF file, some of the screen captures were moved out of their original position. When fixed, a copy will be posted on the Traffic Light - TV web page.


What’s New in Version 2.1a  – October 9, 2016

Options Screen: Added option to only run the Fill-30 and Fill-60 for one pass. The default was two passes. Choose this option by checking the check-box on the General Setup tab.

Start Order Module: Previous versions would place the Priority 6 Fill 30/60 spots on all Daily Logs no matter which Stream. The default Stream letter in the Daypart is still "A", but now you can edit the Stream letter to "B" and this Fill spot will only be placed on the Daily Log for Stream "B".  Up to six Stream letters can be entered. If "ABC" is entered, then the Fill routine will add the Fill spots to all three Streams depending which Daily Log is being processed. Always SAVE the edit when finished.

Log Generator Module: Modified the placing of the Priority 6 Fill-30 and Fill-60 spots (see above). Also added provisions so that no Fill-15 spot will be placed unless there is an empty 1/2 of an Avail that already contains one 15 second spot.

What’s New in Version 2.1 – September 25, 2016

This new version was to contain a Demo mode which has Start Orders written by a TV owner using actual TV data. but as stated above, it is not included at this time. An addition Demo folder named "Demo2" was added to the opening popup menu to allow this Demo2 mode to be used as a learning tool before actually entering your own station's data. It will allow up to five customers and 25 Start Orders. The only data files that comes with this Demo2 are the Accounting Code and Product Code files.  The user can add some of his data into this demo to gain experience and to learn the program before actually entering his station's data. 

Billing Log Editor: The combined Billing Logs created in the 'Billing Log Totals' module was not being displayed for viewing or editing. This was fixed. The list of these files will be at the bottom of the Billing Logs for the various Streams.

Billing Log Totals: A trap was added to prevent any deleted spots in a billing log from being added to an invoice for Start Order number zero.  When a spot is deleted in a billing log, the Start Order number is set to zero and the Announcement Name is set to "Deleted Spot". 

Log Generator Module: Support for the new Bonus Spots was added by adding an "Auto" button which will load the just-generated Daily Log, insert the Bonus 60 second spots, then the 30 second Bonus Spots, then the 60 second Fill-In spots, then the 30 second Fill-In spots. The 'Auto' method assumes that no spots were rejected. If any spots were rejected and you want to insert them, then use the Full Log Editor. A new button on the Full Log Editor named "B" for Bonus, will just add the Bonus Spots. Then the various Fill buttons can be clicked to added these Priority 6 spots. A new button 'PL' will automatically create the Mini-PlayList for a displayed Daily Log. Added a new selection box to choose whether to save the Mini-PlayList to the Traffic computer or to the Master Play computer using the network path. Both the Fill-30 and Fill-60 repeats the fill routine in case any Avails were skipped because of a Product Code conflict. The new 15 second BookEnd spot is processed first. The first half is placed at the beginning of the break and the last half is placed 6 Avails later. Added red info messages when mouse is hovered over the Full Log Editor keys. 

Start Order Module: Added support for Bonus Spots. The routine allows for up to nine Bonus Spots. They will show up on the Daily Log and Invoice at a zero rate. They can be automatically or manually added in the Log Generator. Changed the F1 routine. Now it will access the network folder where the commercials are stored on the Master Play computer and display all the commercials in the folder that has the same name as the Cart Number of the displayed Start Order. Double-clicking on a record in the F4 display will popup a mini-edit screen to edit the Priority, Cart Number or the Announcement Name. A new check box was added to indicate that a 15 second is used as a 'BookEnd' spot.  It both opens and closes the spot break. This must be a Priority One and 15 second spot. Added red info messages when mouse is hovered over the new buttons.. Added two columns to the F4 display. Added a 'Bonus' and a 'BkEnd' column. the Bonus will have the number of Bonus spots or 'No' if no Bonus spots.  The BookEnd column will have either 'Yes' or 'No'. 

Options Screen: Added two new tabs:  'C Folder' and 'PL Path' .  'C Folder' for the 12 network paths to the commercial location on the Master Play computer and 'PL Path'  for the 12 paths where the Mini-PlayList are stored on the Master Play computer. Also added option not to use the popup calendar in the Billing Log Totals and Create Invoice modules. Some computers with Windows 10 and wireless keyboards were having a problem with the PageUp and PageDown keys not working.  If the option is checked to do it manually, then a popup text box is
used to enter the date in the MMDDYY format.

Product Code: Product Code # 200 is hard coded 'NoPCodeCK'.  This can be used for Fill spots that no product code separation is desired.  This is only used on Fill-30 and Fill-60 spots — not in the Log Generator for Priority 1-5 spots.

What’s New in Version 2.0f  – August 22, 2016

 Automation File: Modified the MasterPlay2 routine to support the MasterPlay system. Rick is writing a conversion program to convert the Traffic Light Automation Traffic Log for use with the MasterPlay system.  If you are a MasterPlay user, then select this format in the Options Menu as the default Automation format. 

Log Generator Module: The Priority 6 Fill-In spots routines now check the Start Order Ending Date and will not be placed if the Start Order has expired.  If the Priority 6 Fill spot has a product code of zero, then the duplicate product code checking routine will not be activated. Mini-PlayList: If the Path to the spot files (#1) is changed, you don't now have to Save and re-enter the Log Generator. Save and then run the Create Mini-PlayList. 

Format Module: A Program Name beginning with the ">" will now be placed on the MasterPlay2 Automation routine log.  In the past, no Program names were included on the Automation traffic log file — only commercials.  This ">" can be used to send signals and commands to the MasterPlay system.  Added traps in the Copy Hour routine to popup a message if the zero hour (0000) was used as the source hour.  You must start with the 0100 hour or later. The last 'Copy To' hour is 2300. Added a popup message if an Avail is placed in the bottom 3 events.  This causes an error in the Log Generator when it is run and the 'Check Product Codes' routine is run. It checks the spots +/- 3 Avails and there are only 2400 Events. So there is no 2401, 2402 or 2403 Events to check for the Product Code thus causing the Run Time Error #9 (Subscript Out of Range).  See the Format What's new in the May 3rd about how to edit the number of rotations. This was left out of the new items below.

Start Order Module: The F5 routine now has a second print option. This option combines the Announcement name and Cart Number separated by an "_" underline character in the format of AnnName_Cart#.  The printout can be used for naming the commercial file names on the Master Play computer. Added a check box named "Bonus" when checked will signify that this Start Order is a bonus order. The cart number is the same as the paying start order. If this box is checked, then on the invoice there will be a refenence to being a bonus order.

What’s New in Version 2.0e – May 3, 2016

Log Generator Module: When adding rejected spots, now you enter the event number where you want the spot to be placed. Also the record number of this event. The old method of entering the time was not working satisfactory.

Start Order Module: The edit of the Cart Number in the "Modify" mode did not work correctly. Any new unused cart number was reported 'Already in Use'. This was fixed.

What’s New in Version 2.0d – March 31, 2016

Log Generator Module: When converting to the six digit Stream indicator in the Log Generator, the same new counter variable used in the other modules was actually already used in the Log Generator. As a result, only one Priority 2 spot was being placed on the log. This was fixed.

What’s New in Version 2.0c – March 30, 2016

Start Order Module: Expanded the "S" field in the DayPart entry area. The original version only allow for one Stream letter to be placed here. This update allows one daypart to be run in up to six Streams. If you have a Start Order that plays on all twelve Streams, then this new routine will mean that a spot can be scheduled in all twelve Streams by using two dayparts. The original version would have taken twelve dayparts. This required that the Start Order file format had to be modified for the extra Stream information. The first time the new program update runs, it will detect the modification and will rewrite the Start Order database file (SOrder.dat) into the new format. You will get a popup message to this routine.

Automated Generator/Master Play Mini-PlayList Program: Added a routine to delete any zero length Mini-Playlist files, which may be created if there are no spots placed in the first hour of the new day. If any files were deleted, then it will be reported at the end of the Log file (AutoLog.txt) which can be displayed in the non-silent option or manually opened in NotePad or WordPad.

What’s New in Version 2.0b – March 19, 2016

Automated Generator/Master Play Mini-PlayList Program: Added a new stand-alone program that can be manually run or started from the Master Menu by clicking the "T" button. A companion Setup Screen was added to the main Traffic Light program and is accessed from the 'Utility Menu' label at the top of the Master Menu. Read the Help file on that screen. The use of this program is optional, but many users may find it to be a great addition. It will create the Daily Logs and the Master Play Mini-PlayLists for all twelve streams in less than ten seconds and requires no mouse clicking or entering of any data. A log (AutoLogRun.TXT) is created which will give a list of any spots that are rejected for each stream. If they are paying spots, then they should be manually added to the Daily Log/Billing Log using the Full Log Editor. The Demo files contains enough start orders to test the new Automated program to see how it works. In testing the Demo data, no spots were rejected. On the Setup screen is an option to only create all the Daily Logs in the automated mode. 


What’s New in Version 2.0a – February 24, 2016

Automation File: Added support for the Matco Automation System.

Start Order Module: Added Support for 120 second spots. In the Log Generator, the 120 second spots require four open Avails.

Cart Number to Cart Name Database: This was added to convert the four or five digit cart number in the Start Order to an eight digit cart name (numbers and/or letters) for use with the Matco Automation System. This routine is accessed in the Utility Menu at the top of the Master Menu.


What’s New in Version 1.9f – October 14, 2015

The method to enter the Registration Number for the PDF Creator/Emailer was modified. 

Automation File Module: The two buttons to run additional program were inactivated.  They may be used later.

 What’s New in Version 1.9e – October 7, 2015

Customer Maintenance: Added a trap to make sure that a Customer Name had been entered and the field is not blank.

Start Order Module: Added the last four cart numbers that were used whenever the cursor is in the Cart Number field.  This will aid in entering the next Cart Number.

Automation File Module: A routine was added to create blank folders for the Spot Files for the twelve streams. 


What’s New in Version 1.9d – October 1, 2015

Customer Maintenance: Fixed an error when saving a new customer.

What’s New in Version 1.9c – September 6, 2015

Log Generator: Added a trap to prevent having a spot in the first 4 minutes of the day causing a Run Time Error when doing the Product Code Separation test.

Start Order Module: Added a routine to check the existing cart number to prevent entering a duplicate. Added spot rotation to the Priority 6 spots. If the Priority is 6, then the Daypart #1 info is automatically entered to be saved in the Start Order. The daypart info is not used in the Fill-15, Fill-30 or Fill-60 routines.

What’s New in Version 1.9b – August 29, 2015

Master Menu: Activated the "Run PDF Creator" button to start the stand-alone PDF Creator and Emailer program.


What’s New in Version 1.9a – August 1, 2015

Log Generator: Added the "Fill-15" routine in the Full Log Editor to use 15 second spots to fill in. This uses the Priority 6 spots. Added two Mini-PlayList format options and more paths to the Master Play's storage area for the commercials. Now there are four choices. These new options and paths are saved in the LogPrint config file.


What’s New in Version 1.9 – July 22, 2015

Change the support for 8 Streams to 12 Streams. Changed the number of DayParts from 24 to 36. Added a new Priority = 6 for use with the new Fill-30 and Fill 60 routines. The Priority 6 spots are not placed by the Log Generator and act like bonus spots with a zero rate. A routine to create Mini-PlayLists was added. A routine was added to the Billing Log Totals to combine all the Billing Logs for each Stream into one Billing Log to be used in the end-of-the-month routine to make the invoices/affidavits.


What's New in Version 1.8d - March 7, 2015

Modified the original Traffic Light for LPTV use.  Added support for creating start orders, daily logs, automation system traffic logs, projections, and invoices using up to eight Streams.


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