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The screen capture above will completely display if your screen resolution is 800x600 or above. This is the full screen display of the Win1010 program showing 4 QSO's that have been filed and the 5th QSO waiting to be filed. The program checks the County Hunter files and if the station worked is a new 10X or VP or County then a red flag will be displayed above that field. The red display in the small message window is the output of a search from the FCC database. The beam heading and distances are from Tifton, GA, home of K4HAV.   This FCC display can be automatic or done manually by clicking on the red FCC button. There are other buttons for checking the QRZ, Buckmaster, XXIP and Flying Horse Callbook ham address databases.

At the top middle of the screen is the Help Topics menu at present showing the Control Keys in the upper left Help Window. There are 8 help topics that can be displayed. Nearly all colors on the display can be changed in the Options Menu. Date and time are kept in GMT and the offset is set in the Options Menu.

All the info for W6YLJ but the county was contained in the contest databases and was automatically entered waiting for the user to confirm over-the-air.