MLMaker Help File

Version 1.0 - September 30, 2009

This program is designed to replace the DOS-Based program named ListWiz written by KB0ON, now SK, plus to add a few new features. It will create the same type ML file as Win1010. Win1010 users may even find this program easier to maintain your own ML file than in Win1010.

This program will create your ML file and print your ML file – should you need a paper copy and also allow you to edit your ML file to keep it current. It will also convert any ML list into a paper list by using the Print option. This program uses the same chapter and seal names as the Win1010 program and these can be updated by a link on the web page or use the built-in routine to update the files. Whenever the chapter and seal names are updated in Win1010 (Version 3.3c when released) using the 'Update Databases' routine, they will also be updated in the MLMaker program – provided the MLMaker program is in either the C:\MLMaker or C:\Program Files\MLMaker folders. There is also a 'Validate ML' routine that checks a ML List against the current chapter/seal list and marks any bad, mis-spelled or old records in red. These records can then be deleted or edited.

Whenever the MLMaker program is installed and run for the first time, the opening message will indicate for the new user to create an UserID file (MLUserID.DAT). There will be popup boxes asking for the Call, Name, 10X, Address#1 and Address#2. This info will be used in the Header for the ML file. This MLUserID file will give the user a free 30 day trial with all features activated. If the program is not registered during this time, after 30 days, it will still function, but will only save and write a 5 record ML file in the Demo mode. The Registration fee is $10. Upon receipt of the fee, a Registration Key Number will be emailed. This key number can be entered by clicking on the 'Enter Reg Key Code' button which will not be displayed after registration. After entering the key number, close and restart MLMaker.

Win1010 Users: After you install and before using the MLMaker Program, you should copy your own ML file from the Win1010\MyList folder to the MLMaker\MyList folder. However, the file directory display when you click on the 'Display/Edit ML' button can be navigated to your Win1010\MyList folder. Then when it is edited, it will be saved into the MLMaker\MyList folder.

Create New ML: Clicking this button will bring up a screen to choose whether you want to make a ML for yourself or someone else. If you click on 'Someone Else', then popup boxes will ask for their information. The 'Create New ML' button will create a blank ML file. To add new chapters or seals, just click on the chapter or seal you wish to add. The name selected will appear in the long field and the cursor will be in the 'Chap/Seal # + Suffix' field. Enter the Chapter or Seal number and then the Suffix, if any, without any spaces. There is a trap to prevent entering spaces, should you forget. After entering, hit the ENTER key to move to the 'Points' field. Do not use the TAB key. Then while the cursor is in the 'Points' field, enter the point value and hit ENTER. This will transfer the entry into the upper right-hand display grid and clear the fields. As each record is added, a backup copy is also being made. Since the ML file is not created (saved) until all the chapters and seals are entered, if your computer crashed or had a power failure, you would have to start over. Should this happen, just restore the backup and continue.

Continue entering chapters and seals until your are finished. If some of the records are out of order, they can be sorted by clicking on the Chapter/Seal column heading. Then hit the 'Make ML' button. This will create your ML List using the filename format of YourCall_ML.TXT and will be in the MLMaker\MyList folder.

When entering new Seals, the default point value is one (1). Therefore, to enter a new seal with a point value of one – just click on the seal, then enter the seal number and suffix, if any, and hit the <F1> key to transfer to the ML List. Or you can hit the ENTER key twice.

While entering chapters or seals, you may see a record that was entered wrong and need editing. Just click on the record to edit and its info will be placed in the data fields. Make the correction and hit ENTER or the <F1> key. This will correct the record and change the color to red to indicate that the file was changed. On all edits the cursor is placed in the 'Points' field because this is the number that most likely will need editing. Complete the edit by hitting ENTER or the <F1> key, when the cursor is in the 'Points' field.

Display/Edit ML: This will popup a file directory of the MyList folder showing available files for displaying. Select the file to display and it will be shown in a new screen. This is basically a text file viewer routine that displays the actual ML file. If a print-out is desired, then hit the 'Print ML' button. When finished hit the 'Clear' button. After clearing that screen, the chapter and seal info is displayed in the ML window. The info can be edited or additional chapters and/or seals can be added. This was intended to maintain your own ML file, but can also edit any other ML.

When you display a ML, there should not be any info or blank lines above the three heading lines. If there is, then they should be edited in NotePad so that the first chapter record will be on line number 7.

Editing Your ML: Clicking on a record to edit will populate the data fields with the info. Make any edits needed and hit ENTER. The record is updated whenever ENTER is hit while the cursor is in the 'Points' field. Or the <F1> key can be hit to save the edit. When editing, a 'Delele' button will appear. Use this button to delete a record. The record will be shown in red and the chapter name will be changed to "Deleted Record". When the 'Make/Save ML' button is hit, these deleted records will be skipped and will not be used in the resulting ML file. If a record is edited, the ML Backup file will not be changed. If you want to add a new chapter or seal, then click on that name and enter the information. There is a column named 'Old Value' and if a record is edited, then the old point value will be displayed in this column. This value is not included in the ML list, but is only there to indicate what the old value was before the edit.

Editing Someone Else's ML: Load the desired ML The same heading information that is displayed will be used when the ML is made — but the current date will be used.Click the 'Clear' button and proceed to edit or add new records. When finished, click the 'Make/Save ML' button.

NOTE: All new and edited ML Lists will be saved into the MLMaker\MyList folder. If you edit a ML from the Win1010\Mylist folder, then it will be saved into the MLMaker\MyList folder. If you need the edited copy back into Win1010, then manually copy the file using Windows Explorer or My Computer.

Create a New ML for Someone Else: After clicking the 'Create New ML' button, check the choice for 'Make ML for Someone Else'. This will popup several boxes asking for their Name, 10X, Call, Street Address and QTH. These entries will be used for the ML Heading. If the new ML is saved, then the MLUserID file is read again and restores your info. If you did not save the ML, then you will need to restart the MLMaker to restore your info.

Restore Backup: As indicated above, while adding new chapters and seals to the ML List being created, a backup file is being made. Since the ML file is not created until the entire list is entered, if you had a computer crash or power failure, you would have to start over again. This just serves as a precaution to prevent having to start over. Everytime the 'Create New ML' button is hit, the existing MLBackup file is deleted and a new one started. As noted above, if the ML is edited, the MLBackup file is not being used. However, the backup file from the last new ML created, will still be available if a new ML has not been created.

Make/Save ML: Click this button whenever you are finished adding new chapters and seals to your ML list. Before saving the file, if the file with the same name already exists you wil get a warning message that this file is about to be over-written. Should you want to save the original file, then choose 'NO' to abort and manually rename the file. You can minimize MLMaker and use the Windows Explorer to rename the file, then come back into MLMaker and click the 'Make/Save ML' button. For a nice looking ML, all the records should be in sorted order. You can sort the ML by clicking on the Chapter/Seal name column heading. If you have not sorted the records, then when you go to make the ML, you will get an option to sort the records if you need to. If you are making a ML List for someone else, whenever the ML file is saved, then your UserID information will be read back into memory.

Changing Desktop Icon: The program was compiled with the black and white 1010 cat icon, but the green cat icon is also in the MLMaker folder. If you want to change desktop icons, then right click on the MLMaker desktop icon and choose properties, then 'Change Icon' and hit Browse. Then click on the green cat icon and hit Apply. Win1010 users may want to use the green cat icon, as so not to have two B/W 10_Cat icons on the desktop.

Update File Names: This button brings up the 'Update Databases' screen which will allow you to download and update the latest chapter and seal names. The computer date and the Internet date are compared and if the Internet date is newer, then both date boxes will be white. If they are the same, then both colors will be light pink and you have the latest versions. Before the screen is visible, the WebFiles.txt file is downloaded from the Win1010DL web page to get the Internet dates of the files. This will take several seconds. After the chap/seal names are downloaded, there is an option to delete the chapseal zipped file. Also on the screen, MLMaker program updates when available, can be downloaded and installed. Before the Setup program runs, you should close MLMaker, because you cannot update a program that is running.

Validate ML: After you display a ML, you can run this routine to compare all the names (different case does not matter) in the ML List to those in the Chapter List and Seal List. If any bad or mis-spelled names are found, they will be marked in red. Likewise, if any of the ML names are not found (meaning that they are not on the current Chapter/Seal list) they will also be marked in red. When the routine is finished, a popup message will tell you how many names were found. You can compare the names in red with the one in the Chapter List or Seal List and click on the ones to edit or remove. If it is an old name or discontinued seal, then hit the 'Delete' button. If it is a mis-spelled name, then put the mouse cursor into the name field, edit the name and then hit ENTER three times or hit the <F1> key.

The case of the name does not cause a spelling mismatch, but one extra letter will. It is possible that some of the names highlighted in red are mis-spellings. You should not just delete all red items. Double-check to make sure they are not in the current chapter or seal lists before deleting.

Closing the MLMaker Program: To close the program hit the 'EXIT' key. This button has the exit code that removes the program from the Task List and memory. If you close the program by hitting the red 'X' in the upper right of the screen, then a copy of the program will stay in memory until the computer reboots. Should there be an update to install, it will not overwrite the existing program, if it is still in the Task List, even if it was closed with the red X.

Other Commands: Hitting the <ESC> key will clear the fields. If you chose the wrong chapter to add, you could hit the <ESC> key or just select the correct chapter. For those who are used to using the <F1> key to save a record — this is an available option. A good use fot the <F1> key would be to save the record to the ML List when editing only the chapter or seal name without having to hit ENTER two times to move to the 'Points' field and ENTER again to save.

Registration Process: Anytime during the 30 day trial period, you can register the MLMaker by mailing a $10 check to Hardy Data Systems, P.O. Box 7304, Tifton, GA 31793. Upon receipt, an email will be sent containing the Registration Key Number to the email provided when registering.