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The Traffic Light Junior — Radio Station Software


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The Traffic Light Junior  – a complete traffic and invoicing package is available for the IBM compatible computer system – the Traffic Light DOS version has been in use since 1988. Recently rewritten in early 2009 as a Windows program — see    Now in 2011, it is re-designed for the small market radio station without the accounting modules. Most stations already have accounting software such as QuickBooks, PeachTree, etc. The Junior version is also available for the Linux platform and may be available for the Mac at a later date. The software offers the following features:

  • Handles 4000 customers, 4000 start orders and 100 salesmen.
  • Also available in a Lite Version designed for low power FM and non-profit stations. See below for details.
  • Prepares daily logs in minutes. Can create a spot file for automation systems.
  • Handles both Broadcast and Calendar billing.
  • The Full Log Editor provides for spot moving, adding or editing.
  • Provides for product separation for 200 different product codes when generating daily logs.
  • Start orders provide for 20 day parts with skipping weeks and delayed starting options.
  • Spot Rotation for up to nine different spots.
  • An Alternate Cart Number can be used for three dayparts, in case, the customer wants a different spot play on a certain day.
  • Start Order basic information is entered once in the customer’s file and is automatically entered into the Start Order, but can be modified in the Start Order module if desired.
  • Start order confirmation print-out and projected value of order.
  • A sales projection can be made anytime for Broadcast or Calendar customers or a combo. Also projection for one salesman of your choice.
  • Demand billing can be made at any time. Affidavits gives dates, times and rates.
  • 'Spot Ran When' routine displays times a requested Start Order spot has already ran during month or range of days. Can be emailed to Customer.
  • Automatic start order rotation on logs – no two consecutive days are the same. Four different rotation plans based on day of month.
  • Easy format changes. Can copy one hour to another or one day to another day. The spot load can be different for each hour. Design the format exactly the way you want it.
  • Custom formats can be created for special broadcast events such as sporting events or blood-drives.
  • Log discrepancy program to make sure all scheduled spots are on the log. Points out missing spots.
  • Many input traps to prevent entering wrong data. Most input routines also have a help window which gives info about that about that input.
  • Simplified back-up procedure run from the Backup menu. There is an Utility Menu for misc routines/programs.
  • All major programs/modules available from one Master Menu. Each module has its own help file or on screen help notes.
  • Provides option to add a local sales tax (VAT) and also 2nd option (upon request) to add a local tax such as that used in Canada which has both a Federal tax and a Provincial tax.
  • Help screen available in all programs/modules. All individual Help files are combined into a full Help Manual in PDF and HTML formats, viewable from within the Traffic Light Junior.
  • Free Bonus Spots can be added to any 30 or 60 second Start Order and automatically added in the Log Generator.
  • Easy step-by-step installation and set-up procedure. A step-by-step printout is available for the end of month routines.
  • 25 city shortcuts saves retyping cities in customer records. One click with the mouse chooses the city, state and zip code.
  • The Traffic Light Junior will support two stations. No extra charge for 2nd station at same location. NO YEARLY MAINTENANCE FEES. A demo is built into the program and can be run at anytime. No charge for downloadable updates or support questions.
  • Digital Commercial Interfaces included for many of the current automation systems including the popular Station Play List and the Rivendell for Linux.. Others can be written with supplied file format. Two generic outputs for use with most automation systems that allow customer configuration.
  • Invoices can be manually printed to a PDF file for emailing to a customer.
  • Invoice recap is available to transfer to your station's accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.
  • Sample displays and printouts can be seen at    (Junior page Not Finished - this link is the Full Senior version printouts which are similar to the Junior printouts.)

Hardware Requirements and Pricing
All Windows operating systems are supported. The Junior version is also available for the Linux platform. Buy one operating platform and get the other free. The price of the Traffic Light Junior logging and billing system is $295.00 plus Ga. sales tax, if applicable. Each program is customized with station’s business name, address and call sign. Station checks or credit cards (via PayPal) accepted.

The Traffic Light Junior Lite Version
Not all stations need the capacity of the Traffic Light Junior, so a Lite Version was created for the Low Power FM stations, Internet, and non-profit stations. The  price of the Lite Version is $195.00, plus Ga. sales tax, if applicable. Should the need arise to upgrade to the full version later, then credit will be given for the Lite Version  purchase price. Many emails were swapped with the author of the StationPlaylist Automation System to insure compatibility with that system. The Lite Version has a limit of 25 customers and 50 start orders. For information on the StationPlaylist Music and Automation software, see The same 30 day free trial below also applies to the Lite Version.

Free Demo Program
A limited use (5 customers) version of the program is available that includes sample data of three customers. This will let you generate short logs and display/print many of the reports. Two additional customers and start orders can be entered. This is the full program with access only to the Demo files. The only difference between the full program and the demo program is that the demo needs no UserID file and has the limited capacity mentioned above. See link below to download. It is suggested that the Demo be downloaded and explored before requesting a free 30 day UserID file. Read all the help files to get familiarized with the software. Then once the UserID file is received, you will be ready to dig in and get started. Any data entered during the trial period will not have to be re-entered if the software is purchased later.

Use Free for 30 Days
Want to try it before you buy? No problem. An UserID file will be provided to make the demo version a full-working copy designed to work only 30 days. Use the Traffic Light system on your computer, and if during the 30 day period, you decide to purchase the system then mail (or pay with credit card via PayPal) the purchase price for your registration activation code. If you will try it, we know you will agree that the HDS system can't be beat for value. The HDS Traffic Light Junior is always on green - ready to go.

Download the Traffic Light Junior or updates for Windows on the Windows Download Web Page and email Hardy Data Systems for the free-trial UserID file. The program is a self-extracting EXE file that can be downloaded into a temp folder and run or you can run from the web page by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and choosing the 'Run' option instead of the 'Save' option. Once installed, click on the 'Help and About' button on the Master Menu for further instructions.

Download the Traffic Light Junior or updates for Linux on the Linux Download Web Page



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