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The Win1010 Suite

The Win1010 Suite is actually four programs in one EXE Program File and is sold as two packages: Package One is the Contest Program and Package Two is the County Hunter and Certificate Chaser Program. A Daily Log Program is also available in the Win1010 Suite and works with both packages. Normally the Contest Program is referred to as Win1010 and the County Hunter Package as Win1010CH. The programs are sold in two packages because many of the County Hunters, Certificate Chasers and Awards chasers do not work contests. And likewise, many of the contest people do not collect awards. So you don't have to pay for a module that you won't be using. However, if you only purchase one package, the other package is still present in the Win1010 Suite and works in the Demo mode with a 25 record limit.


The Win1010 Contest Program

This is the new Windows 95/98 Version of the K4HAV 1010 Contest Program. Download it from the Internet and try it in the Demo Mode which will allow you to enter up to 25 QSO's. This program combines many of the features of the 1010 and 1010SB Contest Programs, the K4HAV FCC Search Program and the Zip Code Program. A separate County Hunter Program with Certificate support has been added. A screen capture display of the contest program is posted to a web page. Some of the features of Win1010:

Want to try before you buy?

The full Win1010 Suite and supporting files can be downloaded from the Software Download Page. Without the UserID file the program will run in the Demo mode which will allow you to log and print up to 25 QSO's. None of the other features have any limits and all are enabled in the Demo. Present DOS 1010 users can register Win1010 for $20 via the Internet (download program from Internet and mail reg fee) or $25 via the U.S. Postal Service. The UserID file will be emailed upon receipt of the $20 upgrade fee, or if not on the Internet the UserID file and program will be mailed on a CD upon receipt of the $25 upgrade price. Price for new users is $37.50 (add $2.50 for DX Air-Mail). Sorry, but not setup for credit cards but can take payment via PayPal where you can use your credit card – just mail personal check to Hardy Data Systems, P.O. Box 7304, Tifton, GA 31793.

All programs are now shipped on a CD. A CD containing the Win1010 Suite, the FCC Database, FCC Search Program and all supporting files will be mailed instead of the original distribution on floppy disks. The program on 5 floppies is still available upon request; however, on the CD is the image of the 5 floppies which the user can transfer himself to floppies using a computer with a CDROM drive. The User ID file can be configured for a single package or both packages.

Combo Offer: The price for the Contest Program is $37.50 and the price for County Hunter package is also $37.50.  Buy both at the same time and get a $10 discount making the price $65.00 for the entire Win1010 Suite.

Got Questions or new features you want added? Email your questions and comments to  jhardy at surfsouth dot com   or   jim at hds dot net