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Win1010CH Certificate Chaser


The Certificate Chaser Module is a program that can be used by registered users of the K4HAV Win1010CH County Hunter Program. This CC module was added to Win1010CH Version 1.4 in April, 1999 and allows the Paperchaser to enter his contacts in the various Chapters and Seals. After added to the Chapter/Seal file, the records can be edited or updated. Printouts of applications are available as well as an ASCII version that can be emailed. There is an option after every application printout to save a "Carbon Copy" of that application on the hard drive, in case another copy is wanted later. This also files the application info in an Application database file which can be referred to at any time to see what and when applications were printed.

The Certificate Chaser allows for an unlimited number of chapters and records depending on hard drive space. Chapter ID numbers are allowed to 99999, Suffixes are allowed to 12 alphanumeric letters, Point Values are allowed to 999,999,999. 10X numbers are allowed to 999999. All Chapters and Seals that a callsign (10X) is in can be displayed at the same time for easy editing and updating. There is dupe checking to prevent duplicate Chapter numbers or 10X numbers; however, the duplicate Chapter number can be entered by over-riding the trap. There is included an existing list of most of the active Chapters (135) and many of the various Seals (419), but additional ones can be easily added or existing ones can be deleted or changed to inactive.

Provisions are made for the importing of KB0ON’s DBTEN Program Chapter and Seal files as well as the tenx database and contest files. DBTEN’s QTH’s marked "DX" are converted to the proper DX countries during the import routines and assigned the proper ARRL DXCC number. The optional DBTEN County Hunter files can also be imported into the Win1010CH County Hunter. Also the DBTEN WPX info and the 10X BAR data can be imported.

A WAS routine will display or print the states already worked in a Chapter or Seal. The display can be edited or a wild card station can be entered if allowed by the Chapter's WAS rules. There is also a WACA routine that will display up to 25 calls per call area.

There is an option to make an ASCII file of most Applications including the regular and condensed Chapter/Seal application, the WAS and WACA applications.

There is a backup and restore routine that will backup to either the Hard Drive, a Zip or other type drive, or a 3.5" floppy or both. There is also a routine to edit a call or 10X number in every file at one time. There is also an option to display a sorted list of all the Certificate Chasers in the files.

There is a comma delimited ASCII import routine that will import files exported from EXCEL or any other program that has an export feature. The fields are defined by the user, so any order of the info can be imported.

There is provisions for generating a "MY LIST" which contains your own chapter info. This can be printed or saved as as ASCII file for emailing. No attempt has been made to use abbreviations as is the custom in normal list swapping. If you receive a MY LIST file by email from another Certificate Chaser, it can be used for auto-updating the another Win1010CH users list. No need to manually enter each upgraded points.

The Certificate Chaser contains a full-featured backup routine (the #10 red button) which can backup to an external USB Flash drive, portable hard drives, floppy disk or another hard drive. There is also a ZIP routine that will compact the chapter/seal info into a single file.

Demo Mode

Without a registered Win1010CH UserID file, the Certificate Chaser operates in the Demo Mode. This mode limits the number of records to 25. The demo printouts are also limited to 25 records. The Win1010CH County Hunter Version 1.5c with the Certificate Chaser Module can be downloaded at the Win1010/Win1010CH Download web site. There is no limit on DBTEN imports in the demo mode; however, only the first 25 will be displayed.

Need Additional Info? Email Jim Hardy, K4HAV at jhardy at surfsouth dot com or jim at hds dot net