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The Win1010CH County Hunter Program is a part of the Win1010 Suite. Both programs use many of the same files, routines and having both in the same file, makes updates easy and saves hard disk space. Although in one program file, these two programs will operate independently of the other. Each program requires an UserID file which can be configured for one or both programs. If you are registered for only program, then the other program will run in the Demo mode with a limit of 25 records.

The Windows 95/98 version of the County Hunter Program has all the features of the DOS version plus many new features. Some of the most important features are:

1. An All-purpose 10-10 Logging Program – for keeping records for the following awards:

a. 10X BAR and WAS Award
b. County Award
c. VP BAR and WAS Award
d. Prefix Award
e. Mobile Award
f. CW Award
g. DX Award
h. Digital Award
i. Grid Square record keeping

2.    A Certificate Chasers Record Keeping System. This will be a separate module designed to keep records on your paperchasing activities....See the description of this program at the Win1010CC web page.

3.    Prepares Award Applications and keeps records on all submitted Awards in separate files which can be displayed or printed. Many award applications are now accepted in ASCII format via email.

4.    Accesses the same address databases as Win1010, such as the QRZ, BuckMaster, Flying Horse, XXIP and K4HAV's FCC Database. The Win1010 Contest Database is checked for every entry, and if found, the data is entered into the proper field ready for you to confirm. This saves a tremendous amout of typing.

5.    Contains several databases. The 1010 Master List which has the calls and 10X numbers for all the members. This list is updated monthly and posted on the Win1010DL and 1010 web pages. Also the VP list is included and can be updated via the same web pages. EPC and 070 databases and support was a recent addition.

6.    Many new displays and printouts. See this link for a list of the 37 displays and nearly 60 printouts. Most all the displays can be printed if desired. Since this was written, many more displays and printouts have been added.

7.    The County Hunter as a separate daily logging program. The Daily Log Program is an add-on that will permit daily logging. No dupe checking is done so the same station can be re-entered every time worked, if desired. The Daily Log can also be used with the Contest Program. If a new 10X, VP, CW, Mobile, Digital, etc contact is entered into the Daily Log, it will be automatically copied to the County Hunter (if that option is checked in the main Options Menu).

8.    Imports contest files from the Win1010 Contest Program. Options to import new 10X, new counties or new VP numbers. No need to re-enter new stations worked in the contest. There are seven different ASCII comma delimited outtputs of the County Hunter data file, which can be used to import data into various other database programs.

9.    Imports data from the DOS version of 1010CH County Hunter. The Win1010CH file format has been expanded to include more and larger fields.

10.   If format furnished, a routine can be written to import data from other log keeping systems.

11.    Automatic downloading and installing updates. This routine will log onto the Internet, check the files on your computer and compare against the ones on the Win1010 web page. You click on the files you wish to update and the program will download the zipped files and unzip them.  Update support for the FCC files is also included.



Purchase Information

The program can be downloaded from the internet on the Win1010 Download Page and installed in the Demo mode. Later it can be purchased and registered by mailing your check in the amount of $37.50 to Hardy Data Systems, P.O. Box 7304, Tifton, GA 31793. If you do not have the capability to download and wish to purchase Win1010CH by mail, then it will be mailed via the U.S. postage system for the same $37.50. Payment can also be accepted via PayPal.

Present users of the DOS version 1010CH can upgrade for the fee of $20 — if the program has been downloaded from the Internet. Upon receipt of the $20 registration fee, the UserID file will be emailed. If no capability to download, then Win1010CH will be mailed for the fee of $25.00 on a CD that will also include the FCC Program and database.

Combination Offer: First time buyers purchasing both the Win1010 Contest Program and the Win1010CH County Hunter program at the same time will receive a $10 discount making the purchase price $65 for the Win1010 Suite..



Updates will be posted on the Win1010 Download Page and can be downloaded without charge. For those not on the Internet or without friends on the Internet, updates will be furnished by U.S. Mail for $10. After installing the full program, updating will consist of a small file on the order of 400K or less. The large Microsoft supporting files only have to be installed once.

Need Additional Info? Email Jim Hardy, K4HAV at jhardy at surfsouth dot com or jim at hds dot net











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