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Note: I have dropped my k4hav@hds.net email address. Now use jhardy at surfsouth dot com or jim at hds dot net

Win1010 Download Page

Download Full Win1010 Program Version 3.6 file dated February 2, 2018 – 7.0 MB - Filename w10_36.exe.   Download file into a temp folder and run or run from the web page by using Microsoft Internet Explorer and choosing the 'Run' option when you click on the download link. NOTE: Do not install over an existing version. Check below to see if there is an update to this version. If so, install it after downloading this main setup program.

The Setup Program will want to put the program into the default path:  the C:\Win1010 folder, but it gives you an opportunity to put into a directory of your choice. I recommend accepting the default Setup Directory of C:\Win1010. If you are using one of the older versions of Windows, you may get the message that some of your files need to be updated. The latest versions of several of the DLL and OCX files were used when compiling the Win1010 program. You should answer "Yes" to let the program update your files. If you may get a message that a certain file (most likely msvcrt.dll or mfc40.dll) is in use and cannot be updated or a "File Access Error", again hit "Ignore" and then "Yes" to continue. This version has been compiled with Visual Basic 6.0 with Windows XP. The original versions were compiled with VB5 using Windows 2000. VB6 is more Vista friendly.

This is the full Win1010 Suite of the four programs (Contest, County Hunter, Certificate Chaser and Daily Log). As downloaded, it will run in the demo mode with a 25 record limit in each of the four modules. Upon purchase, an User ID file (user_95.dat) will be supplied to remove this 25 record limit. Purchase info is given on the other HDS 1010 Software Web pages.

NEW: A new "Fast Start" web page for the Win1010 Contest Program. This is a step-by-step guide for newcomers using the Contest Program. This info is also available in PDF format.

See the  "What's New In Version 3.6" web page for details on new features and changes in Version 3.6 and the last several updates. See  the  "Complete Update History" web page for a complete update history on Win1010 (not finished).

Win1010 FAQ. Here you will find answers to many of the questions you have wondered about. More will be added. Windows Vista tips added to FAQ.

NEW: Win1010 Version 3.3 introduces automatic database updating from within the Win1010 program. The database files on this web page are all zipped and can still be manually downloaded and unzipped. However, you can download all the ones you need to update with one click in the new "Update Databases" routine in Win1010 Version 3.3.

Win1010 Program & File Updates and Supporting Files

NOTE: Win1010 Versions 3.2 and later were compiled with Visual Basic 6.0 using Windows XP. Previous versions were compiled with Visual Basic 5.0 using Windows 2000. VB6 is more Vista friendly than VB5. Depending on what other programs are installed on your computer, you may have to update the DLL/OCX Windows Supporting files by using the DLL_UP program below. If a DLL or OCX file needs updating an error message will appear with the name of the file needing updating.

Download Program Update 3.6 (w10_36up.exe) dated Jan.  28, 2018 -  1.26 MB

My Mozilla Firefox web browser does not give the option to "Open" or "Run"  the file, but the Internet Explorer does. Run from the web or download into a temp folder and run. The update  program will get the proper path from the Windows Registry. Everytime Win1010 runs it writes the path to the Registry. See the contents web page for all files in the update package and see the  "What's New In Version 3.6" web page for changes and new features.

NEW PROGRAM Download MLMaker - Version 1.3 dated October 15, 2014 - 2.6 MB  Filename MLM_13.exe

NEW PROGRAM Download Update  MLMaker - Version 1.3 dated October 15, 2014 - 400 KB  Filename MLM_13up.exe

This stand-alone program will make ML List files that can be imported into Win1010. You can make, print, or edit your ML file or the ML file of someone else. This program can be installed by using the "Run" option when using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. See the  "MLMaker Help File" web page for all the features and how it works. The same help file is also included with the program.

Download DLL and OCX Support Files dated September 4, 2009 - 3.5 MB  Filename dll_up.exe

After you install any Win1010 update and you get the 50003 unexpected error, then your support files are not up-to-date and you need to download and install these support files.  This is the entire collection of DLL and OCX support files that are needed by the Win1010 program. This is a self-extracting EXE file which can be 'Run' from this web page using Microsoft Internet Explorer.  This uses the regular Win1010 Setup program, but since there are no Win1010 files, only the DLL and OCX support files will be installed. Accept the default install location in the Setup program. 

Unfortunately the DLL and OCX files are not forward compatible – only backward compatible.  If the new update is compiled with newer DLL and/or OCX files, then those support files must also be on your computer. This has long been an issue with Microsoft and programmers. 

INSTALLING AN EXISTING WIN1010 PROGRAM ON A NEW COMPUTER.  If you make a CD or ZipDrive backup of the entire Win1010 folder and sub-folders, then you can just copy that backup to your new computer and then run this DLL-UP program to install the necessary DLL and OCX Windows supporting files. Copying the Win1010 folder across a network is also another possibility of transferring to the new computer.

NOTE: If you don't have download provisions, the entire current program is available on CD for $10 for registered users or anyone wishing to use the Win1010 Program in the Demo Mode. This will also contain the complete FCC program and and updated databases.

Download Zip.EXE - 83K (zip.zip)

The Zip.exe file was included in several of the previous updates and is used in the CertChaser #10 Backup routine to make zip backups. If the file is not present you will get a Run Time Error #53 meaning "file not found". Unzip this file into the Win1010 folder to fix the problem.

Download EasyZip (Freeware version) - 1.7Mb (ezip40.exe)

This EasyZip Windows Zipper/Unzipper is a very easy program to use. It is included in the Win1010 CD in the MISC folder.

Download Updated Counties File with new Bloomfield County, CO - (Counties.Zip - 10K)

This file was updated October 7, 2001 to reflect the addition of a new county. Just unzip this file into your Win1010 folder. This file was included in the Version 2.0a update package.

Download Updated Countries-Azimuth File - (Cty_AZ95.Zip - 7.3K)

This file was updated Jan. 31, 2018 to include the Rep of Kosovo, Z6 prefix.

Download Sound Card to Transceiver Drawing: JPG Format Zipped (361K) or TIF Format Zipped (48K).

This is a simplified drawing using Radio Shack parts. These files can be viewed and printed by most word processors or picture viewers. These files were scanned at 300 dpi and posted on August 23, 1998. Also see the http://www.muenster.de/~welp/sb.htm web site for many sound board software programs and misc info.

Download Updated 10X Stand-alone 10X/VP Search Program Zipped -  - (10x.zip - Dec 1, 2011 - 42K)

This program was updated to use the 85,000 record 1010 database file. Requires the same DLL/OCX files as Win1010 version 3.2. Unzip into your Win1010 folder. Contains the 10X.EXE and a Help text file to read with NotePad.

Download Updated 1010 Database Zipped - 85K Records - (1010.TXT - February 21 , 2021 - 308K)

NOTE: The 85K version must be used with Win1010 Version 3.2 and later. The 1010 database is updated monthly and is used with all HDS 1010 Software. It has all the members' calls and 10X numbers.  (currently at 77872 issued during January, 2021. The zipped file name is 1010.Zip  The file name is 1010.txt. Unzip into your Win1010 folder.  Also updated  SK's and new Calls. 

Download Updated VP Database (1-3371) Zipped (vp.zip) – (VP.DAT – November 10, 2015 – 8K)

Download Updated XXIP Eight Text Files Zipped (xxip.zip) – (XXIP0.TXT —> XXIP8.TXT – Oct. 31, 2020 – 3MB)

Download Updated Contest Database Zipped  – (DB95.DAT – August 16, 2020 – 173K)

   The DB95.DAT file has been updated with corrected info reported after the last contest. There are 15,674 records in the file. 

Download Updated EPC/070 Database Zipped  – (EPC070.ZIP – February 1, 2018 – 179 Kbytes)

The last EPC regular number is 26390 and the last 070 number is 2524. Unzip into your Win1010 folder.  WARNING: Older versions of Win1010 cannot  use this file. Version 3.3c or later is required for use with this database. These two databases can also be downloaded at http://www.hamclubs.info/memberlists.php    Download the EPC & 070 files in the 5th column with the "Spot Collector Format = Win1010" heading.   I will try to update this file the first of every month.  The 070 file does need the letter "L" removed from some of the records. You can use NotePad and do a search for 0L and replace with 0  (zero).

Download Updated ML Users File Zipped  – (MLUser.ZIP – February 28, 2010 – 465 bytes)

The MLUser.txt file has been updated with new ML List users. There are 123 records in the file. Unzip into your Win1010 folder. 

Download Updated 1010 Volunteers Database for 2018 Zipped  – (vol1010.zip – August 23, 2020 – 300 bytes).  

There are 48 records in the file. Unzip into your Win1010 folder.

Download Chapter/Seal Names (ChapSeal.zip) - 5K dated March. 4, 2019. View List

Unzip this file into your Win1010 folder and run the "Update Names" routine in the ML program.

Download Club Names/Trustees (clubs.zip) - 1.2K dated March 8, 2015

Unzip this file into your Win1010 folder This is for use in the Certificate Chasers program..

Download Birthday Database for Daily Contact Program (tenten_dailybd.zip) - 38K dated January 4, 2003.

Unzip this file into your Win1010\Upgrades folder. This file was updated with corrections and removed some dupes.

Download Help Files in PDF format: W10Help.PDF   CHHelp.PDF   CertHelp.PDF   LogHelp.PDF  Dated August 19, 2007.

Note: To view the above PDF files, left click on the file name above. This requires that the Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer. To download to your hard drive, right click and choose the   "Save Target As" Option and specify the download location. File sizes are from 316K to 836K. If you don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it at this location http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Download All Help Files - 135K dated August 19, 2007.

This is the Help files in RTF format for Contest, County Hunter, CertChaser and Daily Log. Unzip into your Win1010 folder. These help files can be imported into the Word Pad program or any other word processor that imports RTF documents. You may want to reformat the help file and make a print out in the format you need.

Download FCC Search Program – 71K - Dated January 13, 2000 - DOS version

This is the K4HAV updated DOS Version 2.0 FCC Search Program that will search the FCC Database. For more information on this program and how to download the FCC Database using a FTP program see the K4HAV  FCC Web Page.

NOTE: The FCC now is posting the weekly update at about 5:00 P.M. Sunday - Georgia time. They used to have it posted early on Sunday morning. 

Download FCC Database Files - Download below or at the 1010 International Web Site

This database is updated weekly (on Sunday or Monday - depending on the FCC). This database contains the name and address, the previous call, the date of birth and age, county, and license class.    This database can be downloaded two ways:

1. As one big zip file – 23 MB  dated Februsry 21, 2021.  (Also download the matching index files #3 below)

2. As 14 smaller files (New FCC Format requires new FCC2 Windows version or Win1010 1.5c)  dated Februsry 21, 2021. If you have a slow connection, this is the best way to download the FCC Database. db_wa.zipdb_wb.zipdb_wd.zip, db_ka.zipdb_kb.zipdb_kc.zipdb_kd.zipdb_ke.zipdb_nn.zipdb_nl.zipdb_a.zipdb_k.zipdb_w.zipdb_ve.zip   (Also download the matching index files #3 below)

3. FCC Index Files dated Februsry 21, 2021. These are optional files that will increase the speed of the Callsign search by up to 8 times depending on which addr_xx file is being searched. These are the new FCC Format and supported by FCC2 and Win1010 Version 1.5c and later. The zipped file is about 2.6MB and requires about 8MB unzipped. NOTE: the index files date must be the matching set of files for the FCC Database downloaded (one day difference is OK in the case of converting near midnight.).

Download FCC Search Program Supporting Files (Support.ZIP) – 545K - May 4, 2014

The support files consist of the Zip Code files, the Zip_AZ.TXT file, XZip.txt  and the Counties.TXT file. These files should go into the FCC Directory. The Zip Code files were updated with about 646 new Zip Codes. The XZip file is a collection of Zip Codes that the FCC have transposed or they are not found in the regular Zip Code database.  The city and state should be correct, but the Zip Code should be confirmed. If this file is used, then the notation (FCC Zip Data) will be placed by the city and state.

Download FCC Previous Call Database (PrevCall.ZIP) – 1.4MB

The Previous Call Database contains approximately 282,452  callsign changes dated Februsry 21, 2021 and is updated weekly by the FCC. These files should go into the FCC Directory.  NOTE: This file is only needed if you convert your own FCC raw file or desire to use the Ctrl-V routine within Win1010 to find a new call when inputting an old one.

Download FCC2 Program V1.6 for Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8 (Version for Win1010 Users) – 110K - January 30, 2009 - New Update from Version 1.5 to Version 1.6

The new Windows version that requires some of the same DLL and OCX files as Win1010.  If you have already installed Win1010, then all you need is this FCC2.EXE and help files. The file name is FCC2.ZIP — Unzip and put into your existing FCC folder or create a new one named FCC2 for instance. Then set your path in Win1010 to the new folder. The Convert Help files will list the files needed in the FCC2 folder. If you have already installed the FCC2 program for Windows Version 1.0, then just unzip this file into your FCC folder. It is the FCC2.EXE and help files. Note: Version 1.3 adds the Canadian database to the Name search and creates a text file for the Name and Zip Searches named Found.TXT, which can be loaded into a word processor. Version 1.4 adds some traps for possible errors and several changes to the conversion routine. Version 1.5 adds several traps to prevent errors and places the results of the Call search on the Windows Clipboard for pasting (Ctrl-V) into NotePad or whatever you desire. Version 1.6 adds support for the 85000 size 1010 database.

NOTE: Version for New non-Win1010 Users) – Just install the above version and then install the DLL_UP file (near top of page)  to add the supporting Windows DLL and OCX files.